January 10–March 9, 2013

Opening reception: Thursday, January 10 from 5:00–8:00 pm

Tom Dean, John Dickson, Catherine Heard,
Greg Hefford, Mary Catherine Newcomb,
Reinhard Reitzenstein, Lyla Rye, Max Streicher


The NetherMind collective organized four influential exhibitions in Toronto from 1991–1995, in which the original group of eleven artists focused on creating sculptures and installations in response to unique post-industrial environments. The current group of eight artists has remained individually active in the Canadian and international art scene, but it is a shared sense of camaraderie and affinity for making works that address aspects of the physical that brings them together again. Their sculptures and installations tend to be interactive or experiential and appeal directly to the senses through tactility, sound, light or movement. The group also shares a sense of dark humour, absurdity and perverse playfulness in the way that they juxtapose unexpected materials, forms and concepts. For this reunion tour, the group will debut new works made in direct response to the spaces at UWAG, ironically, the original site of Waterloo Manufacturing.

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